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About Us

          Nestled in the heart of Phuket Town, Torry’s Ice Cream Shop introduces rich, homemade flavors of traditional Phuket desserts paired with organic, premium-quality ingredients. The shop’s architecture is noted for its Sino-European interior and exterior as a Peranakan touch complements the overall colonial western design. The cozy yet sophisticated shop welcomes locals and foreigners alike, delighting them with evolving recipes inspired by the owner’s childhood memories. Creamy goodness melts with the familiar, leaving a distinctive impression on Torry’s patrons.


          Its proud inventor, Torry Wongwattanakit. Born and raised in Phuket, Torry ventured overseas to study in Berkey Creamery at Penn State University in the United States where he learned the art of creamery from one of the best schools in the country. Never forgetting his roots, he strived to conjure ice-creams inspired by local delicacies to pay homage to his heritage.

          In 2015, Torry opened his shop with a wide variety of ice-cream flavors, retelling well-known local snacks to life. This includes crispy A-pong (a coconut crepe), refreshing “O’aew” (jelly from fig seeds), and traditional Bi Co Moi (black glutinous rice). Locally grown Phuket pineapples are often used in Torry’s ice-cream ingredients or as side pairings for a sweet flourish. Among other classic selections such as the Sundae ice cream, our traditional flavors and pairings are the most popular on the menu. Bicomoi remains a crowd favorite as it is freshly prepared every morning by Torry’s mother, served with coconut milk and blue pea flower ice-cream.

           The shop also crafts merchandise with gifts, local snacks, and porcelain homeware for wandering customers. Torry’s unique designs and illustrations are intricately woven with details of Phuket culture: hints of Peranakan jewelry and traditional wear create memorable collectible items. Torry’s Ice Cream is a must try when seeking authentic, local delicacies with a playful twist. It is a love story for one’s roots, retelling heritage through ice-cream.

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